Quality Health Safety Environment

QHSE company in Nigeria


In Support of our strategic direction and consistent with the intended outcome of PFL Engineering Services Ltd which specifically is to provide services of Access, Inspection, Maintenance, Coating Application, Emergency Response, Technical Manpower Supply, Procurement and Training, our undeletable Quality thrust is to intentionally promote risk based thinking, proactively plan, identify pertinent issues and sensibly satisfy the requirements of all relevant interested parties within our business environment while ensuring continual improvement of the Quality Management system in line with the requirements of ISO9001:2015.

As the Chief Executive, I delightedly take accountability for the effective operations of the QMS. Notwithstanding, every team member including external providers are enjoined to consciously apply this readily available policy as we strive, within the premise of appropriate perspective, to be the unmistakable global leader in our chosen business arena.


The non-negotiable long-term obligation of PFL Engineering Services Limited is to, within the scope and boundaries of our operations of Access, Inspection, Maintenance, Coating Application, Emergency Response Services, Technical Manpower Supply, Procurement and Training; protect people by preventing injury and ill health and protect the environment by prevention of pollution, reduction of natural resources consumption and minimizing wastes. Besides our basic responsibility to comply with all legal and other HSE requirements to which PFL Engineering Services Limited subscribes, we pledge to:
•Establish measurable HSE Performance objectives and continually improve the HSE processes through the use of an effectively implemented and maintained Integrated Management System endorsed by OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO14001:2004.
•Plan for, respond to and recover from any HSE Emergency.
•Provide training, promote consultation and communicate openly with interested parties and ensure an understanding of our policies and programs while maintaining an active reward and recognition practice for outstanding HSE performance.
•Exercise HSE influence as much as possible in areas where we do not have control. To this end, PFL Engineering Services Limited requires an active commitment to and accountability for HSE from all employees and contractors.
This policy shall be reviewed periodically to ensure that it remains relevant to PFL Engineering Services Limited


Preye Berezi
Managing Director
9th March 2015