ndt inspection training

  • Course objective:
    To provide a basic knowledge of RT to enable a participant to carryout tests according to an established procedure under the supervision of a level III personnel. The course is especially designed to provide a sound theoretical knowledge and practical skill for RT required for a Level II technician
    At the end of the course, delegates will be able to;

    • To carryout operation as per written procedure/instruction from Level III personnel.
    • Set up the carryout the tests as per established and approved RT procedures, classify, report the results and to follow safety norms.

    Course outline

    • Nuclear Physics-Interaction of Radiation with Matter
    • Shielding, Radiation Detectors, Biological Effects
    • Radiation Protection, Basic Rules & Techniques
    • Sources of Radiation and their characteristics
    • Film Radiography
    • Film Processing
    • Inspection Techniques and Procedures
    • Sensitivity & Definition, I.Q.Is, Other Accessories
    • Types of Discontinuities

      Practical Content: Radiography of Castings and welds using X-ray and Gamma ray.

      Certificate: Delegates will receive a certificate duly approved by ASNT in compliance to SNT-TC-1A