In Support of our strategic direction and consistent with the intended outcome of PFL Engineering Services Ltd which specifically is to provide services of Access, Inspection, Maintenance, Coating Application, Emergency Response, Technical Manpower Supply, Procurement and Training, our undeletable Quality thrust is to intentionally promote risk based thinking, proactively plan, identify pertinent issues and sensibly satisfy the requirements of all relevant interested parties within our business environment while ensuring continual improvement of the Quality Management system in line with the requirements of ISO9001:2015.

As the Chief Executive, I delightedly take accountability for the effective operations of the QMS. Notwithstanding, every team member including external providers are enjoined to consciously apply this readily available policy as we strive, within the premise of appropriate perspective, to be the unmistakable global leader in our chosen business arena.


Over the years, PFL Engineering Services Ltd has attained mentionable prominence in its activities of Asset Integrity Management (Access, Inspection, Maintenance and Coating Application), Emergency Response Services, Technical Manpower Supply, Procurement and Training Services. The provision of safe and healthy work conditions which prevents work related ill health and injury while protecting the environment in a manner which ensures the prevention of pollution and sustainable management of natural resources shall remain a consistent operating pattern in all endeavors of the organization.

Consequently, our commitment to comply with relevant obligations, legal and other requirements is inviolable. Furtherance to the above, it is hereby affirmed that:

  • HSE risks will be controlled in a hierarchical fashion
  • Workers and where applicable, their representative shall participate in HSE decision making
  • The HSE management system will be hinged on ISO45001:2018 and ISO14001:2015 while being driven by responsible objectives which ensures continual improvement and enhancement of HSE performance
  • HSE competence shall be maintained at all levels of the organization through formal and informal means of competence acquisition Review of this policy shall be prompted by changing context and the duration shall not exceed 3 years.

Preye Berezi
Managing Director
15th June 2018