Tension Netting

Tension Netting

PFL provides netting and decking systems as a new alternative for scaffolding for under deck maintenance operations.

The system is installed 10 times quicker than the conventional methods and it’s more cost effective.

The Client benefits from shorter lead times and reduces the deck and bed space requirements.

The system complies to the BS and work at height regulations from the UK. The system is designed and installed towards the same regulations and specifications as scaffolding and can take a maximum of 3Tn per square meter SWL.

Each project is carried out to stringent procedures and all designs and engineering is done through third party specialists.


  • Rigging paperwork
  • Certificates of Conformity
  • Test Certificates
  • Proof Load Test
  • Identification Certificate
  • Decking

Establishing full compliance

  • Working on Accreditation
  • Auditing Suppliers
  • Scafftag Equivalent

Systems meet UK HSE standards

  • Work at Height Regs. (2005)
  • Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment

Regulations (1998)

  • Manual Handling Regulations
  • Use of Working Equipment Regs
  • Relevant BS Standards

Product Safety Features

  • WEB Tensioner Avoids Overload
  • WEB T- Clamp Safety Redundncy
  • Interlocking Mechanism in Deck
  • Very Strong 2.1m Decks I
  • Very High Tensile Strength Net
  • Knots in Net for sure Footing
  • All Products Flame Retarded


  • Installation time reduced by up to 90% compared to scaffolding
  • Much safer to install
  • Fewer WAH hours
  • Rope Success Intrinsically safer
  • Lower cost of labour
  • Better Coatings Finish
  • Reduced transport cost
  • Reduced storage cost
  • Lower access cost
  • Reduced stand-by cover