Rope Access

Rope Access

PFL Engineering Services Limited follows the International Code of Practice from IRATA for all Rope Access activities and operates its projects under certified procedures.

As a certified member of Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) Operator and Trainers, we also have a state of the art Rope Access training center in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

Rope Access services allows PFL’s dedicated IRM professionals to access their work location in a safe and efficient way.

Our Rope Access Technician operates from two ropes, working rope and a back-up. Safety rope and is permanently attached to both, each rope has a separate anchorage point. In the unlikely event of the rope becoming damaged or unusable, the safety rope will prevent a fall.

Rope Access provides maximum safety and is considered a highly efficient and flexible system that allow multiple disciplines in one team. Rope Access operations have minimum equipment requirements assuring easy logistics and minimum impact to concurrent operations, processes and or work environments.

The nature of Rope Access reduces project time, lowering downtime and minimizing the impact on ongoing operations, significantly reducing the cost to clients in comparison to traditional access

Technicians are not only trained in Rope Access, but are multi-disciplinary operatives. Some of the services offered are:

ACFM, Ultrasonic – Flaw Detection and Thickness Gauging, Magnetic Particle, Dye Penetrant, Visual Inspection, B&C Scan, Phased Array, Radiography, TOFD, API 653, API 580,API 510, API 4G, Coating Inspection, Remote Controlled Inspection (CCTV), Anode Replacement, Bolt Torque Tensioning, Blasting, Composite Repairs, Confined Space Entry, Corrosion Under Insulation, Derricks and Masts Refurbishment and Rebuilds, Electrical Works, Fabrication, Grinding, Helideck Structural Works, Insulation, Leg Inspections, Painting, Pipe Work Inspection, Removable Insulation Jackets, Rig Maintenance and more.