Course Objective:

This course is designed to provide a basic knowledge of UT to enable delegates’ carryout tests according to an established procedure under the supervision of a level III personnel. The course is especially designed to provide a sound theoretical knowledge and practical skill for UT required for a Level II technician.

Major Course Outline

  • Properties of Sound Waves
  • Generation of Ultrasonic waves
  • Interaction of ultrasound with matter and boundaries
  • Types of Probes
  • Test Methods
  • Test Equipment
  • Instrumentation
  • Test Variables
  • Inspection procedures
  • Types of Discontinuities
  • Practical training

Complete calibration of ultrasonic flaw detection equipment for various types of transducers, Discontinuity Detection, Locating the flaw and Size Estimation Techniques.

Certificate: Delegates will receive a certificate duly approved by ASNT in compliance to SNT-TC-1A

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