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From cryogenic cold to super heated steam temperatures, there are various insulation materials to suit your need in the Oil & Gas, Marine, Petrochemical and Marine Industry. PFL Engineering services can boast of qualified and experienced Insulation application team that is vast with the usage of Cellular glass, Mineral wool, Polyurethane [PUR] and Polyisocyanurate [PIR] insulation materials.

When given the opportunity to select insulation materials, PFL Engineering chooses the insulation with the most to offer when dealing with the demands of an end user’s ‘mission critical’ facilities. As an AIM services company, we can provide the required access and the correct surface preparation of surfaces prior to the application of insulation materials according to client specification.

PFL Engineering’s most recent project experience was the insulation protection of Reboilers, piping and stripping columns at Obite Gas plant in Rivers State.

SCENARIO: Insulation installed on some of the high temperature vessels for the TEG Unit and interconnected piping is currently damaged. The client wishes to use the opportunity of a plant shutdown to carry out anti corrosion works on these high temperature vessels as well as replace the damaged insulation on interconnected piping.


Figure 1 – Damaged Insulation on Still Column

Figure 2 – Damaged insulation on TEG Unit

SOLUTION: The preferred choice was Pre-Fabricated Foam Glass [Cellular Glass] product. The project execution was carefully planned for 25 days amidst the rainy conditions at site. Crews were grouped to work day and night as approved by the client. Scaffolding, Blasting and Painting activities were carried out before final application of the insulation material.


Figure 3 – New Insulation on TEG Unit

Figure 4 – New Insulation on Still Column